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Zum Zum Tea, through Shopify and Google, collects information through the website for verifications, purchases, promotions, safeguarding and other forms of use including, but not limited to: Names, addresses, phone numbers, cities, states, credit card information, IP addresses and emails.  By using this website you are allowing Zum Zum Tea to use this information based on how you, the customer, intend to implement it. You also understand that you release Zum Zum Tea and any of its affiliates of any legal repercussions by releasing your information to us, so that we can process your order with good intent.

Understand that when you use Zum Zum Tea website, you are agreeing that you are liable for any purchases made and that you assume responsibility for taking action to safeguard your own information to prevent a compromised account and unauthorized purchases.  You also agree to notify Zum Zum Tea if or when your account has been compromised, so that we can take further action to safeguard our business interests as well.

The information we use is to enhance our customer's experience through fluidity.  By sending out personalized ads or e-flyers, it allows you to get a first look at upcoming promotions and specials. Your personal information will not be sold off or released to third parties.  We here at Zum Zum Tea only intend on using your information directly through us in a professional and helpful manner.

We control our website and our own social media accounts. However, we DO NOT control third party reviews, blogs and other like media that is outside the realm of our website and are not responsible for those opinions and releases.

Zum Zum Tea reserves the right at any time to terminate your access to any part of the website, with or without just cause and with or without notice, effective immediately.

Zum Zum Tea also reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to make changes or modify it's Privacy Policy Agreement as we see fit. Any use of this website after the continued changes constitutes your acceptances of those newly made changes.

Liability Limitations: At no time or event will Zum Zum Tea or it's licensors and suppliers be held liable to any matter of this agreement under any contract, strict liability, negligence or any other legal matter. You agree to release Zum Zum Tea of any liability and agree to terms while in use of our services.

There are No returns on tea due to the nature of it being perishable.  Yet, we are willing to work out any issues that may arise and work to solve those issues in best interest. If there is an issue, please contact us immediately so we can see what we can do to better service you. All items are sold "As is" and without warranty. We disclaim any warranty that may be implied.

We use cookies as a digital signature file that are kept in your browser in small forms that allow your preferences to be kept and recorded for future use, such as a return to the website the next time you visit to keep the fluidity of your next order smoother; ie: Auto fill in name, address, city etc.  We, (Zum Zum Tea via Shopify, Google Domain), use safeguarded encrypted technology to keep your credit card information and transactions protected.  Only a recorded transaction, aka a digital receipt, will be kept to verify that the transaction took place, will be stored.

If you have subscribed to one of our services, you may unsubscribe at any time by following the directions in the e-mail it was delivered.

We are here to serve you delicious, premium teas and to make your life happier by doing so. Sip slowly and reverently.



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